The Relationships & Technology Lab typically has 2-11 undergraduate research assistants that work in the lab. 

Lab Director

Dr. Okdie is a media psychologist who is currently an associate professor of psychology at The Ohio State University at Newark. Since receiving his doctorate in 2011, he has published in high impact outlets such as Perspectives on Psychological Science, Psychological Inquiryand Computers in Human Behavior. He sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies and has reviewed manuscripts for the several high-impact journals such as Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and Computers in Human Behavior. Additionally, he has edited special issues for journals on media and is regularly called on to review proposals on media for the National Science Foundation. Dr. Okdie teaches courses on General Psychology, Social Psychology, Media, and Statistics. He is a certified Apple Teacher.


Mia Oberfield is a second year neuroscience major with a French minor from Columbus at The Ohio State University. After graduation, she intends to further her studies at veterinary school and hopes to eventually own her own practice specializing in canines. She is on the Ohio State University sailing team and enjoys spending her free time drawing, playing ukulele, and petting dogs.

Lab Graduates

  • Ashley Cooper

  • Nick Smithberger

  • Kelsey Hall

  • Brittany Franz

  • Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel

  • Wes Barnhart

  • Lindsey Rike

  • Ashley Luu

  • Wyatt Bowman

  • Cody M. Price

  • Michael Gleckler

  • Rebecca Drown

  • Matt Britton

  • Nathan Spektor

  • Heather Syrus

  • Drea Reynoso

  • Khadijah Mba

  • Vivian Hodges

  • Ashley Pritchard

  • DJ Ballinger

  • Edward Davitian

  • Cora Evano

  • Lacey Hall

  • Leah Didlick

  • Justin Daniels

  • Aaron Roberts

  • Meredith Johnson